08/26/16 (Desires)

This is a challenge. In life we get many of them. This one is my new one. Why her? The girl is just too fucking hot. I like her skin complexion, the shape of her eyes, her eyes, the shape of her lips, her lips, her height, and definitely her boob size. They are pretty and very large and natural. I liked her the day I had first laid eyes on her actually, so this is nothing new, but it feels new. Because we are becoming acquainted, I guess.

Every time I look at current photos I am doing of her now, I have like this internal orgasm. I edited a photo, earlier, that I had taken of her last night, and she is just sexy. The side boob showing is just hot.

She runs through my head a lot. I have small scenes of us just hanging out and going on dates and making love and what not. It’s totally natural for me to like this girl, but at the same time, I can’t believe that I like this girl. I’m sure it’s no big deal, and I shouldn’t hide it. I know I cant have her because of her sexual preference. She’s gay. And I am sure that she has no desire for me at all. I don’t think so. She does watch me when she sees me talking to other girls. I was standing around and having a drink a few feet behind her last night when I decided to just strike up a conversation with another girl. I got the feeling that she heard us, despite the loud music because she turned around to look and see who I was talking to. She always does that.

I talked with her last night and I told her that I would make it to her show. I knew I couldn’t, but our conversation was so fast that I did get the time to explain to her that I wasn’t going. I hope she’s not disappointed or angry. I really will make it to another one of her shows. She is a musician. I wonder if she can feel that I like her. It will just spill out, I am afraid–in the way that I look at her and such. She will know or get the feeling, and it will not be a bad thing. She knows that I am a straight guy. I am very easy to read, I think. People always can tell what I am up to.

In other news, I’m so glad to be off of instagram and not dealing with social media. It feels so good to not check for notifications all the time. Take care !



4 thoughts on “08/26/16 (Desires)

  1. She might watch you to understand you better. To see how you interact with other girls. From your observations, she seems like a very observant person. She is probably weighing how you act around other girls to the way you act around her. This is only a thought I had while reading this.

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