Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today and the past few days have gone by well. I have been keeping up with my goals the best way that I can. I have a lot to tell you actually. Let’s start with the good first. I finally took the time to do nothing, today, and I watched a really good movie called “Bone Tomohawk. I heard of it because Amaon recommended it to me on my Kindle. It’s a horror Western. It’s long and it’s really violent.

I’m glad I finally took the time to watch it. For some reason, I had been attempting to watch it before be on some nights, but I would always fall asleep.

After I did that, I cleaned up my place an I ran 2 miles in…16 minutes? or was it 17? I know I was about a minute faster than what I did two days ago. I got  facebook message from “Daddy” of the gay crew. She wants me to come hang out/do photos at the bar, tonight becaus she is DJing a part there for the first time. She’s cool, I like her. But when it comes to her girlfriends, I’m starting to develope all kinds of emotions about them. Let’s start with the big tit girl. I think I like her and that I’m jealous because she is all over and loves her gay male friend. I think I want to be close with her, too, but we never even hug greet. That’s OK, though. There is nothing wrong with that. I jst recogniz that about myself and I will not act on anything. Daddy’s other girlfriend? I’m starting to become judgemental of her. She post mean and unneccesary things on her facebook page mainly stating that she is all that and that she has haters. The way I notice her dancing in front of the mirror and waching herself makes me think that she actually does think she’s all that, and is just not a nice girl. I’ll distance myself from both of them. I wnder if I will feel that way when I see them, tonight.

 sort of didn’t want to go out, tonight, but it’s nice to be asked to come out instead of being at home ooking at youtube videos and studying something. 

I have been sort of quiet, lately I don’t post much on facebook. I deleted my instagram and my facebook page, and I took down my website. 

I will explain why I did all this in my next entry. The nly thing that is still u is my flickr page.

Take Care !


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