08/21/16 part 2

Sometimes, I don’t really feeel welcomed to that party. But I am always one to think wrong. From what I saw his night. Two of the gay girls are not all that comfortable with me. One didn’t want to give me a hug when we said “hi” to each other. She looked like she would be digusted to give me a hug. I guess, I shouldn’t take this personal. Maybe she was abused and made fun of by men when she was younger. We said, “Hi” and ,n naturally, I almost went in for a hug, but I wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with that. And it looked like she was backing away. Maybe a lot of gay girls hate straight guys. Her girlfriend–the guy in the relationshp doesn’t act this way with me. She gives me the longest hugs all the time.

Then there is her friend. She seemed kind of distant from me too. And I noticed her watching me hard, almost angrily when she saw me nd her girlfriend talking. She was afraid I was hitting on her girlfriend, I guess. 

With all this going on, I’m about ready to quit going to their parties. I don’t want to be afraid of hittingon girls because I have to respect the community of some sort. I’d raher be free and talk to girls freely because that’s who I am. And just because I am social with girls doesn’t mean that I am hitting on them. ANd another thing, I can take that back because it is only hose two girls that act like that. Everyon else talks to me and treats e like I am noral. So fuck them two, pretty much

I shouldn’t quit going to a party because of two individals. 

Take care !


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