Dear Journal, 

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today was OK.I’m surprised that I woke up, without an alarm, a 6:00am.I stayed up pretty late, and I had a beer, so I didn’t think I could get up that early. I guess beer wouldn’ knock me out like the sleep tea and vodka would. At soon as I woke up, I had coffee, I meditated, I workedout and I had breakfast. I also stopped by the post office to pick up a package that I missed getting delivered to me. 

My jump rope broke in half during my workout. I had the same jump rope for so many years, now. Luckily I got a good 19 minues out of it before it broke. I broke my favorite head phones too.

After all of that, I went to the hotel to meet up with the girl for the shoot. while I was waiting there the other girl sent me a message saying she was on the way. I told her that I had already found someone. I’m not sure why that message didn’t come very clear to her I knew this would happen. Some girls are very iffy with there decisins, actually, a lot of girls are. Some rare girls are more straightforward and to the point with their decisions. She is more straightforward and to the point. I’m not used to that. She was too staightforward for me to even believe that she was showing up. The thing that made me not think she was show is that she didn’t even ask to look at my old work. She got a random email from me and just said “yes” to it. I sent her a confirmation email that she never responded to, so I figured she wasn’t coming.

The Russian girl confirmed with me and such. She had shown up. We did the shoot. I got a lot of good images, but we didn’t connect at all, I don’t think. She was talking to me a lot and she seemed very comfortble. She wasn’t even ready to be done when I was. I’m the one who ended the shoot. Maybe I was ust overall tired. She told me I looked tired. Her English wasn’t too good. She had a really heavy Russian accent Yes ! Now that I think about it, we did connect and we had a really good shoot. She didn’t take her panties off when I told her to go full nude. She took every thing off but her panties. Now that I think about it, it was my fault. When I told her to go full nude, I told her to just mimick the Barbie doll. The barbie doll had panties on. I didn’t notice that. I was thinking the whole time that she just wasn’t comfortable with it. But she did exactly as I asked. She was very comfortable.

We made a lot of good images. I got her to do a small video with her posing nd speaking in Russian. That was cool. She was very shy about it, though.

I will do a little more detailed preparing when I do my next shoot. I really want my next shoot to be with the red headed girl I had the miscommunication with. I sent her a text with another date. I’m not sure if she will accept it, though. I hope she does.

I’m sure when I get home to my compter screen, I will be in love with the images. 

Take care !

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