Dear Journal,

How are you feelng? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. The affirmations I make before work, about my coworkers, seems o be workng out. Now I am able to have fun at work instead of being made at everyone and hating my job.

I knew that red headed girl would’t be up for the shoot. I can tell. So I just emailed the blonde girl a response. She is very firm about doing this shoot. It’s actualy a really good thing. Not only is she blonde, but she has those sparkling blue eyes just like Barbie. Not only is she blonde, thin, and with blue eyes, but she is also Russian. She’s Russian ! She’s Russian ! I’m sure she has an accent, too. I can tell by how she types. For some reason, I keep meeting all these Russian girls.I was so stuck on the last Russian girl I did a photoshoot with. This shoot ill be really really great. I can tell, and I am so excited.

I went to Krav Maga class, today. Wednesdays are sparring days. They are the hardest days. It is easy to run out of breath when yo are fighting. I love these classes, though. I keep getting hit in the head. I have to find a way to avoid that. I may be getting better and better than when I started.

So I am on my way home, now. I will prepare for the shoot, tomorrow. I will meditate, as well because I overslept this morning. I over slept because I did a lot the day before, and I decided to drink at night and aim for a little over four hours of sleep. When my alarm went off, I did not here it. I woke up on time enough to pack my lunch and get to work on time. I have been drinking before bed every night, lately. I guess that’s an expensive habit that I should break, quickly.

Take care !



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