Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Things have been going well. For the past two days, I have been feeling OK at work. I found a way to deal with the hate. I just tell myself that I have a great job and that I have great coworkers and that I get along with them well and that I will have a great day and I will do an excellent job at work. I started telling myself that before work these past few days and I have had great days at work these past few days. I think that works !

I have been working out and keeping up with studies.

I think I have a photoshoot this Thursday. This girl better not change her mind because I have already reserved the room for the hotel that I plan to use. She is absolutely stunning. And she has that really natural long and red hair that I had been envisioning when I had first thought of this shoot. After practicing with Barbie for a while, I changed my mind and envisioned a blonde girl. But now I’m back to the original plan of the red head because of her. I am sure she will show up. I mean, why not?

I will go home and practice and study and plan more tonight for her.

I am sure that we will have a great shoot.

Take care !WP_20160108_004[1]


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