Dear Journal, How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I was really frustrated at work. I am not happy in my job at all. I don’t think I will be happy in any job until I am working in a job that I am passionate about. I just don’t like working at all anymore. Not like this. Maybe this means that I am ready to chase my dreams full on. I hope it does. I cant think of anything else to do

I look for more things that I am passionate about. I’ve been learning how to code. It doesn’t comeeasy o me but I have the handle on a few languages. Other than photography, eaing healthy, and exercising, I like violent gangster movies. I like gangster stuff:bank robbing,hitmen, and dope dealing. But I know that is a bad route to go.

Last night, at the bus stop, I met a really beauifl girl. She was standing behind me. I noticed her whenI had just happened to look back. I was going to put on a movie I had been watching on my kindle, but I looked back and noticed her again. She’s a Hispanic woman with big and beauiful breast. After the second time I looked back at her, she looked at me and eventually walked up to me and asked me what time it was.

I told her. I wasn’t sure if I shold display any interest in her by continuing to talk to her like most guys in my case would. I tried to get back into my movie, but I couldn’t help myself because she just stood there next to me. I pt my kindle away and started talking to her.

After talking with her a bit, I could sense(I could be wong) that something is mentally wrong with her. I talked to her more relaxed than I have ever been with any girl because of it. We were having a very fun and comfortable conversation, however. I was sad when my bs finally came.

Take Care !


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