Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I am doing my best. Honestly, I really appreciate the things that I have in my life, but I really can’t wait to move on from this job. I hate it and I hate this environment. I don’t like my coworkers. If I can be honest with myself, though; I think I get annoyed by coworkers easily. So everything that’s bothering me, right now, I’m sure has to do with my own attitude. I have to fix/fight that.

I know I haven’t wrote in a while. I have been busy. I think keeping up with cooking has taken up a lot of my time and the fact that I live further from work. I have a bike and a bike lock now o make things easier. Speaking of that, I really have to fix my license situation again so that I can start driving again. I have been procrastinating that.

I have been cooking a lot, and the meals taste really really good. I told myself that I would stick to the meals and eat nothing else, but I caved in to a cheese cake, today. Eating healthy food all the times gets boring, I think. I crave the intensity of a cake.

I’ve been on my routine of exercising and working out.

I started looking for the girl to start shooting with. I emailed a beautiful blonde girl, today, that I had seen online. Hopefully she responds. The stripper I had told you about before…I’m getting a little impatient as far as waiting until I see her to ask, and besides, she may not be up for that type of shoot, so I started looking for other girls. I emailed two girls, today. We will have a party in that strip club on the 20th of this month. If I don’t shoot or find anyone, I will ask her when I see her then.

I haven’t been partying much. Maybe I have been mildly depressed. Maybe I have been worried about spending money. I have 8 days until my next paycheck. I saved what I wanted to save and i bought a lot of things that I needed. I still have a lot of money left over. Some of it will go to a paid model if we shoot by then.


Take Care !



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