Dear Journal, How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The past few days have gone by well. I have been dieting and exercising. Making the food and eating the meals increases m mood and feelings a lot for some reason.

I’m still thinking about that book. I don’t know if I am afraid to do it, but I keep finding reasons to put it off. I recently watched a movie about passive ways to make income. The first thing the man, in the movie, mentioned was that writing an ebook is a good ways to make passive income. I immediately thought that it would be a great idea for that nude book. But then I thought, that I could test the whole publishing thing out and keep shooting girls like pin-up style like I had done in the past, and self publish a book full of those girls and see how it goes. I’ll do that, first. I’ll put my heart into it, though, because you get what you put into things. After, I’m more familiar, then I’m going to work on that extreme nude book.

The parties:

I have slowed down a bit, mainly because I have not been situated with work and such, still. and the only people I care to party with now is the gay group.

I took a selfie this morning of my body that I have been working on all year. I love the result. Snapshot_20160802


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