I Called Her

I thought that I shouldn’t. I keep telling myself that I don’t have time for a real date. Whatever that means. Maybe I have been afraid to date. Maybe I afraid of showing and talking about the bad things in my life, if they even are that bad. I’m the same guy that was afraid to show or even let that girl in my room when I was younger because I felt like it wasn’t clean enough. I had the cleanest room in the barracks. And she didn’t care rather I had a clean room or not. So my problems are probably not that bad. I hide things that no one really cares about, especially if they like you.

So far so good with this girl. She seems straightforward, which is what I like. The phone conversation was short, really short, which is what I like. And she didn’t text me a bunch of questions. She didn’t text me at all afterwords. I hesitated before I called. I wasn’t going to, but I pushed myself out of my excuses. I told myself that I’d be happy if she doesn’t answer or if it’s the wrong number.

She answered. I spoke in my shy and nervous voice. All I said was when are you free. She gave me a day, after talking, briefly about her work week and I said see you then, basically.

And that was that. We’re going to hang out Friday night.

Take care ! P1100613[1].JPG


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