My Model

She likes me. I am sure of it. I can tell that she loves it when I am a gentleman to her. I cover small things for her–tickets to parties and drinks. It’s not all take take for her because she refuses until I keep forcing and she offers to buy me things as well. But I can tell she likes it. I can tell by the way she ran into my arms last night when she saw me coming out of the building. She screamed my name, waved, and then ran in for a hug. She was happy. She introduced me to her girlfriend. She hugged me many times last night. It looked like her girlfriend was getting angry, so I gave them their space and disappeared from her sight for a while. She wanted me to photograph her girlfriend this morning, but I couldn’t because I had to go to work. She wants me to photograph her girlfriend on Sunday while she photographs her too. She asked me to take a photo of her girlfriend’s tits, and I did.

Last night was fun. Despite the fact that I didn’t get paid. No one did. The main party didn’t happen. The police shut us down. I came there really early. “Daddy” is amused by my personality. How I react to her questions and the things she says to me makes her laugh. She gives me lots of long hugs too, but I never think that she likes me like that.

I ran into the black girl that has a huge booty again. We talked a bit and then I asked for photographs. She loves her booty. So in her poses, she made sure to pop it out at many angles and I took photographs of it.

When I was certain that the party was shut down, I went outside and that’s when I ran into my model. The gay girls and I and us all decided to head to another party. We all made it wild. The gay guys that were there were running around high and naked. I took lots of them. I got more hugs from my model, more hugs from daddy, and I met another Asian girl and got more hugs from her too.

The gay girls are more comfortable with me now, and they are talking to me more. One suggested I get into video(good idea !) another suggested that I write a book about their group(good idea !) I will start on both.

My model wore all white last night, and she looked really beautiful. Though I am sure that she likes me, I am also not so sure. She’s only into girls. Maybe she just likes me a lot as a person and trust me a lot. Anyways, I’m just glad I get to hang with her.


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