I said “Hi”

Dear Journal, How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by really well. I worked very hard at work. I tried not to be involved in petty gossip, but I did have some annoyances about my boss to express to another coworker. That’s OK, I guess.

I was going to go to the bar that I used to take photographs in, but I changed my mind because I may go out this Thursday with a hip hop group that I hang out with whenever I get the chance. It has been a while, so I am trying to catch up with them. We’ll see what happens.

After work, I took the bus home. While I was waiting for the bus and reading a book, I noticed several beautiful women, honestly. Two walked by me, but I didn’t say anything. Another girl walked by me. I noticed something out of my peripheral vision, so I gave quick glance. She was either looking already, or she gave a quick glance back. Somehow, I had the slight feeling that she was checking me out.

I am very attracted to her body type and her skin color. She was pretty. She was very attractive to me. I am certain of this because I gave her several glances before I put my kindle in my bag and said to myself “What the hell? You never know.”

I could ask her bullshit things–“Oh, what a nice night yeah?” “What time is the bus coming?” etc. Instead, I said what I like the most. I said what I’ve always said when I saw someone and felt that way about them. I walked over to her and said:

Excuse me. I think that you’re very attractive and I think that we should go out some time.

That’s about 90% right of what I said. She looked happy, and touched. I think she laughed and said “thank you.” I started talking more and then she reached her hand out while making eye contact:

What’s your name?

We introduced ourselves to each other. I was shy, but I talked normally enough. I was getting into more bullshit talk when she interrupted me again:

Shouldn’t we exchange numbers?

I said yes, and I asked for her phone number. I sent her a text message so that she could have my number.

Let’s see where this goes. I love my simple opening. Most of the time, it works. Sometimes, girls approach me in some fashion. I dated a girl that I wrote about before. I really did need change for a dollar that day, but when I asked her, she asked for my number as well, and we started dating for a bit, after. At that time, I met about 5 girls in one weekend. I started dating her and someone else.

Anyways. I have a feeling things will go good with this girl. We work near each other. She’s beautiful.

As for as photos go, I got an email from the pop singer. She just told me that she was excited to shoot and she let me know the day she will be back. I’m so excited to shoot with this girl. I actually like her music.

An old roommate of mine is introducing me to his friend for some reason. He wants me to take photographs of her.


Take care !P1100471.jpg


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