Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Things are going well. I have a few minor complaints about minor things that I don’t care to write about at the moment. I’d rather just talk about girls 🙂

So the blonde lady just wants my attention and an ego boost it seems. She keeps texting me out of nowhere asking to go out, but whenever I set a date, she says she’s busy that day. So we will not date. That’s fine with me. She could have been useful to me, though, because she owns a clothing store and she gave me some good tips about interacting with girls and taking photos. (Though she admitted to me that she was high when she did that). I only care to keep up with her and her text messages for business purposes, so I will just keep letting her text and I will turn off the date vibe; be patient with her; and I’m sure something good business wise, will come out of it.

I’ve been so busy lately with the new apartment, new work position, new neighborhood, and new work hours. I’ve had a lot going on. I love the new neighborhood. We have a Chinatown here in LA, but it’s nothing compared to the place where I live now. I call it “China County.” There are a group of cities here in this Valley that are filled with nothing but Chinese people and a lot of great Chinese stores and restaurants. It works out well for me, because I am always buying all kinds of herbs–a lot of ginseng and royal jelly.

I’ve been focusing on the book plan. I’ve been studying everyday and shooting the barbie doll naked just to practice for my first shoot for that. I make sure to study every day and practice no matter what; so far, so good.

My meditation sessions have been going well. I’m up to meditating 2 times a day for twenty minutes. There have been no problem with that.

There is also this other girl that wants to shoot, so she says. I think she really does. She has just been really busy with her tour. She is a really good and popular pop singer. I actually like her music without having to force myself to like it because she is sort of a friend. I also don’t want to give her the vibe that I just want to see her naked. So I told her that we can shoot outside if she wants instead of using the hotel. I remember I joked on my facebook page to my friends, once, saying that “Lady Gaga” called me and asked me to photoshoot her. That joke is half true now. She’s not Lady Gaga, but she is damn good, and quite popular. It’s the same scenario. I’m glad to be able to do a shoot with this girl. I hope we shoot !

I have to find other girls to shoot with for general practice, in the mean time.

Take Care !




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