I thought I lost her. I thought I lost both of them. The blonde haired blue eyed woman I met at the bar a while back sent me a text, today, asking me to hang out with her this week. She wants to meet for a drink.

This morning I got an email from a girl I was supposed to shoot a while back. She asked to shoot with me, but when I responded, I didn’t hear back from her for about a month. Now she’s emailing me back and is agreeing to the nude shoot.

I may hang out with the blonde lady this Thursday.

Besides those two, things have been alright. I’m still not quite situated from moving. My place is a bit of a mess, but my food is organized. I’m waiting for my pay check so that I can go grocery shopping.

OK, back to the girl. I think she ignored my response to her, because she knows that I am straight, now. I met her at an all lesbian party that I was photographing. She may have been under the assumption that I was gay and got comfortable asking me to shoot with her. Now she knows I am straight, I think. I put a dick pic up of a guys penis that I took at a party I was at. That may have gotten her attention and made her more comfortable. She liked the photo and sent me a message right away. That’s my assumption of it all. She may have just been busy.

I’m not that excited to shoot with her anyhow. She is very gorgeous, though. I did notice her at the party. She was the first one to introduce herself to me, so I had no choice there. Either way, I would have noticed her. I wasn’t thinking of doing any outside shoots with her until she asked me.

I’ve been rehearsing with my barbie dial for the type of shoot that I want to do with the blonde stripper.



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