Her Again

I found her. I found the girl. But, before I get into that, I want to tell you about the gay party I went to the in the strip club last night. The party was fun and interesting in so many ways. When I walked in, the first two people I saw were the two main girls of the crew. They smiled, excitedly, and said, “hi!”, but didn’t reach for a hug or anything. I then walked to the place where I saw the rest of the crew. I was going to walk back to the bar and get a drink, but I was stopped by…her. I had planned on asking her. I couldn’t wait until we partied there again so that I would be able to ask her.

I thought I would have to come to her and bring the topic up. But I think she saw me come in or something. Our connection–I could just feel it between us. I know we have a connection there. She walked up to me to start a conversation. I made sure I got a good look at her this time. She’s beautiful. She’s hot. She’s sexy, and she has a huge and perfectly shaped butt

I didn’t say much. I didn’t want to just stay talking to her. I was paid to be there, so I didn’t want to be seen being straight and standing and talking and flirting with girls. The main girls from the gay crew were watching us hard, too. I’m not sure why. They kept looking back at us. We were right behind them. I just got right to the point.

Can you do personal shoots?

What do you mean can I do personal shoots?

Can you do shoots outside of this club? Can we photoshoot basically. I’ve been working on something and reading up on something for a project I want to do. I want to use you.

She said “yes.” Then I walked off and started talking to a guy. Then I started shooting the party.

The party was really great. I noticed that I am well above my days needing a drink to loose fear in asking people for their photos. I think I can thank meditation for that. I have been doing 20 minutes a day for a while, now. I will move it to 2 x 20 a day like most meditators I have heard of do. I feel like I need to do that, right now. But back to this party. having said that, I really did want to drink. I hadn’t had a drink in a while. I was also feeling like I needed coffee too, so I asked the bar tender for vodka mixed with coffee. It was a pretty good drink.

The party was fun. A lot of people came this time. I left my main camera in Hawaii at my friend’s house. So this time, I was using a very old 5mp camera that I think is broken because, at night, I cannot see through the viewfinder at all, so every shot I take is an estimated guess. I used this camera at the last all girl gay party this same girl asked me to come to, and she loved my photos so much that she offered money. This time she paid me to come again. We’ll talk about this girl later. She really loved the photos this time, though. I, myself, do think they are really great. OK, let’s talk about her, now.

They call her Daddy–her girls do. From this party on, I found myself having   no choice but to call her Daddy, myself. She is the dad in a sense. She organized this gathering, so she’s in charge. And she pays us. I didn’t want to except her money at first.

Stop saying that. You’re making me not feeling like I have to pay you. You want to get paid, right? You want to make money, right?

“Yes”. I said in a one word response. I was taken charge of. She gave me a really long hug and whispered nice things in my ear about how she loves the way I do an awesome job taking photos of her parties all the time. I was taken charge of. So I’m comfortable calling her Daddy like everyone else does. Now, that I have none her for a while, I interpret her as being a very sweet girl–her and her girlfriends seem nice. I love this group of girls I find that the gay parties are a lot more fun to shoot because they are so sexual. I have dick pics, pussy pics, butt pics, of course :), tit pics, naked guy butt pics, and more just from shooting the gay crew, alone.

A perk to working this party is that I when they choose this location, I get to mingle with the strippers. I take a lot of photos of them too.

The stripper girl and I…I really do feel like  she’s the perfect girl for this shoot I want to do as part of an effort to start a book. Her hair is blonde, butt from looking through her instagram, I can see that she is a natural red head. I feel as though we are at the right emotional level I want for the shoot–sort of into each other and at the right level emotionally with that. She really appreciate my gestures. Every time I do photos of her butt, I tip her a little and she seems appreciative and surprised. This time, a guy tipped me $20 for some reason. I just gave the $20 to her after doing a set of butt and pussy photos of her at the end of night. I did it  as a kind gesture. I’m not sure if that was a bit too nice. Either case, I do care about my project more than I care about the girl, so I’m not like in love with her or anything. I just want to find someone good to help me.


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