So, today is the last day I would be able to see her. I only wanted to keep up with my promise. I told her that I would buy her a jump rope since she always ask to play with mine. It felt good to me when I went to the store to pick one out for her. I haven’t bought anything for a kid in a long time. I think I wanted to feel like a big brother to someone.

I’m buying this jump rope for my little sister

But I knew this would happen. The last time I saw her, we were sort of close. We sat and talked and she asked me a bunch of questions. It was meant to be our last conversation. Maybe should could feel that I was leaving, that’s why she wanted to just sit and talk. I went to the park two days in a row after; partially to exercise and partially to look for her. A part of me felt creepy about that, but whatever. And it’s been two days in a row; I haven’t seen her. A part of me was sad.

I had the jump rope in my hand, today. I went to work out and I kept my eyes open for her. Today the park was unusually crowded. They were having some kind of event there. There were booths set up and there was a DJ. There were cops there for security. There was a big bounce house there for kids. I really had my eyes open for her. For every little kid that ran by me, I looked to see if it was her. It wasn’t.

After my workout, I walked around a bit to look for her or someone from her family. I thought I saw the father sitting on the bench. I walked to the person, but when I got closer, I noticed that it wasn’t him. I was going to tell him that I bought the rope for his daughter and such. Those would have been my first words to him. I looked for the mother, but I didn’t see her either.

I hope that she was in the jump house with all the rest of the kids and having fun. I missed my Krav Maga class, today so that I could catch her before I move ad say goodbye and give her the jump rope. I walked out of the park with the jump rope in my hand. I didn’t want to keep it, so I just sat it in the grass. Another kid would find it and like it, I’m sure.



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