Adopt A Girl

So, I am moving. Honestly, it’s going to break my heart. I will miss her so much. I feel like God brought her into my life for a reason. He had too. I mean all I did was go to the park near my house to do exercise nearly every night.

She saw me jumping rope and ran up to me out of curiosity. She stood there standing and watching me with her mouth open.

I can do that !

She said. I let her hold my rope. She told me to hold the other end so that we could make the rope circle together. Her parents yelled for her to leave me alone and come to them that day. I was wondering where her parents were and why they let her roam the park alone at night. But it’s OK. They had eyes on her. She’s just a baby. She has the height of a one year old, but she can speak well. I’m guessing she’s about 6.

From that day. Whenever I would exercise in the park, she would always run up to me. She would always ask for my jump rope. I started to wonder, and know perhaps that she and her family are homeless. They are just sitting in the park everyday. What on earth can I do for them because of her. I connected with this little girl, and I care for her well being. I started to like seeing her in the park.

Yesterday,when I was exercising, she came up to me out of nowhere. It really makes me sad every time I see her these days because I am moving, and I will never see her again. I feel like if I stayed in the neighborhood, I would figure something out for her. What will she grow up to be like? Is she really homeless like I think she is? I just hope that she will be OK. I know that she will miss seeing me.

She really wanted to talk to me last night. I couldn’t even finish my workout. A lot of the questions she asked were sort of pointless I guess. But I got that she wanted me to just sit and talk with her. A part of me is afraid. I don’t want the dad to get jealous or anything, but he seems to be OK with it. Maybe he’s happy that his daughter found someone else to look up too? She tried to sit on my lap and such, but I stood up so that she couldn’t do that. I still haven’t really said anything to her parents, so they don’t know me like that, you know what I mean?

One of the questions she asked me was kind of…curious.

Do you have kids? I want to see photos of your kids

Why did she ask me that? Does she want to be my daughter?



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