Practicing With Barbie(Book)

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. For some reason, for a long time, all I could think of was a mannequin. I never knew where to find one, and I didn’t want to buy a new one. I would practice on cats, poles, shoe boxes and just imagine that it was a person. Or I would shoot a building or something and imagine that the person was there. I would draw diagrams and such.

But this last idea I came up with is amazing to me. I even love how the mock photos turned out. That Russian girl has the exact same hair, eye color, and beauty. When I looked at these photos, I immediately thought of contacting her to get her to relive this moment. But I can’t. I can’t ever contact her again, I don’t think. That would mean, to her, that I had been thinking of her this long since I last asked her to shoot again; which is true. I thought of posting one of the shots on instagram in hopes that she’d see it and think “Wow ! that looks like me. I like your idea. I want to shoot it.” But I’m not going to do that.

I did suddenly come up with an idea to make a photo book, though. I have been thinking really hard about it. I have been thinking about the types of girls I would use, where I would meet them. I’ve been studying a photography book thoroughly and getting ideas from the lessons I learn. I think about it every day. I figure that I might as well try something. I’ve been rereading and rereading lessons. I’ve been walking the streets and eyeing girls a bit who look like the description I have in my mind–a red head. And I actually see so many red heads in the streets these days, now that I am thinking of using one. I saw a really gorgeous one, yesterday. She had the same beautiful and natural red hair as a girl I used to shoot with all the time a few years ago. Then I told myself that I didn’t like her breast size and shape and the fact that it didn’t look like she was in good shape. That’s how serious I am. I probably shouldn’t be that picky.

I am sure that I will find someone perfect, though. This shoot is all I have been thinking about. I changed my mind about using Lily, by the way. But…I’m still sort of thinking about it because she wants to succeed, and she’s beautiful. But, I guess it’s just better to find a new and beautiful girl. This Barbie makes me want to change my mind and use a blonde haired blue eyed girl, though…




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