Room Romance

They’re tearing down the building I live in and didn’t give us enough time to leave, in my opinion. So I am quite in a panic to find a place to live. Well, I was in a panic, but I ended up finding a really nice place that is a little cheaper than the place I am being kicked out of. However, I did get on craigslist and look for a roommate. I thought that was the quick and easy method for my situation.

I considered rooming with someone. The place seemed nice and the price was right. It was a studio apartment ad that was put up. The person wanted a roommate for that. I considered it, because I had until July 1st to find a place. The name and number was up. I saw a girl’s name, so I texted and called just to be sure. I asked if she was looking for female only, in the text, she replied, “yes”.

Then, she called me. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was Asian and that she looked OK or better. I asked her again when she called,

You’re only looking for a female, right?

She was hesitant, and seemed like she was considering it, but she said,

Yes…only female.

Today, at soon as I had signed the least agreement and paid for my new place, she sent me a text saying that she was actually considering a guy, and asked how old I was.

Immediately, after that text, my head went into romance frenzy. I thought about how nice it would be to just live with one girl, and care for her, and look out for each other. I thought about how random, but awesome our story might turn out–random love encounter, you know? I thought about how I would just stop doing photos of girls altogether and just disappear from everything I am doing, currently, and just settle down with her.

So, I guess that’s what I want deep down inside. Maybe I am finally ready to settle down? I have to admit, that it is a bit rough being alone. I think…that’s how I feel at the moment, at least. It makes me sad.

I replied to her text:

Well, I wish you would have told me, yesterday. I just paid for a place about an hour ago.



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