I had a lot that I wanted to write about, but I’ve been so busy. I will keep this short. But damn there has been so much going on. What do I want to talk about first? The gay part I went to. A lesbian through it. She named the party a very sexual name that I’m just not going to say. She loves for me to do photos of her parties. I guess me being the only straight person there doesn’t matter. She likes my work. I don’t think she cares if I am gay or not. I make sure to keep my composure at all times. I don’t hit on or try and dance with none of the girls. I just stay quiet and take photos. All of the girls are usually beautiful though, and they get very sexual. Two girls that I was sincerely attracted to started making out with each other very passionately. I mean, they were the most passionate and intense kisses I had ever seen anyone do to each other in a while. I was sort of heart broken and jealous for a minute.

There were some girls that came up to me, naturally. Like these two black girls that I met at other parties. There was one girl, either white or Hispanic, that said “hi” to me and gave me a very comfortable and long warm hug and a kiss on my sweaty cheeks. I was sweating. the hug felt good. There is the one girl who personally emailed me asking me to photoshoot her because she said she loves my work. I really hope we photoshoot. She was one of the best looking girls there. There is this other girl there that is very attractive to me because she has huge breast. She looks like a girl I used to date a while ago who had huge breast as well. I always see this girl, but I keep my distance. It’s been a while, and she may want me to talk to her just to be friends, but I never seem to be relaxed because I put extra effort into making sure I pay no attention to her I think. I am afraid that the minute I open my mouth and start up a conversation they may think I am flirting with them or something. That could be my own fear there, and I may overall need to relax. But hey, with the way I have been behaving this far and the reactions I get, I think I am doing OK. I have photos of a girl fingering herself.

Annnddd…Now it’s my bedtime. more on this tomorrow.



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