If you have a life you enjoy, already, there is no such thing as a vacation. I’m in Hawaii, now. The only reason I came here is to visit my best friend and his family. His family pretty much welcomes me as family of there own. I am “uncle” to all the kids. I really appreciate that. I’ll never break this friendship.

However, our lives are totally different. I’ve changed, he didn’t. I like to go out and be a little more active. Girls are always a focus and a target. He’s married with two kids and he loves golf.

Golf is extremely extremely extremely boring for me. And if I think selfishly…or do I even think of this like that? I can say that this whole trip has been extremely boring to me. He doesn’t like to do much–no bars, no leaving the house much except to golf. No work much. I haven’t experienced Hawaii like I wanted to. But I guess I am just here to visit him, so I am enduring.

Next time I come here, I am definitely getting my own room. I feel obligated to stick with him since I am in his house and all. It’s not all bad, though. Like I said, I appreciate being a part of a family. But next time, I will do my own thing and just come by and say “hi”

While I am here, my mind is constantly on LA and my mission. There is so much I want to do and accomplish.

I keep thinking of beautiful girls like Lily, and I imagine that we all lived in a big beautiful home like this together and such. I wish I had money to take care of them.

How is Lily doing anyways? Suddenly, I think of using her for my next shoot that I am putting so much planning into. I do want the girl to be a natural red head, though. Lily is not a red head and doesn’t have the big breast I envision either. She’s just  a nostalgic memory for me.

I do know of one natural red head. Her hair is a little shorter than I envisioned. She’s a stripper in the club my group of gay girls throw their parties in. Speaking of them…damn I wish I had the money flowing to keep their wildness and their parties going too. I wish I had the money to take care of them too. I need to get rich ASAP. I have to figure this shit out quick !

Anyways, I met that stripper there. I asked to take a photo of her once. She said that she couldn’t show her face but I could take pictures of her butt. So every time I see her there, she sticks her butt out after we smile and say “hi” to each other and I start taking photos of her butt. She seems nice, so because of that and the way we encounter each other, I look at her as an option to use. We’ll see. She might be the right one because I want it to be someone I sort of know. I’ll ask her. If she says, yes. It’s on. If not, I’ll keep looking.

I asked a girl I had shot with long ago. She is not a red head, but she is perfect in beauty, height, breast size, eyes, voice, and attitude. I couldn’t help myself. When she posted a photo of herself on Instagram, I immediately sent her a message. I couldn’t help myself. If she says yes, it’s really on. Her life style is a bit over the edge, though. I know she is a prostitute. And who knows what other criminal activities she’s been involved in. She’s been on probation before. I knew that when I shot with her the first time. It didn’t matter. We had a good shoot. I wish I was rich enough to take care of her too.

I like sort of wild girls and interesting stories. I like the story of my old muse who looks nothing like she did when we first met because she is addicted to heroin. I hope she fixes herself, though. She doesn’t respond to my messages anymore. I have my suspicions of why she is acting like that now. I hope I remember to tell you in the next post, and I wish I had the money to take care of her, too.

Ah ! I remember this natural red head I used to shoot with all the time. She is perfect in beauty, hair length, and color. She isn’t in shape, though, but she is still very naturally beautiful. She would be perfect for this shoot too. But she has moved on in her life ands has moved far away from me. I know she wants to focus on raising her horses that she has so I will never bother to send her a message. But I wish I had the money to take care of her too.


5 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I’m jealous. I’ve never been to Hawaii. But what’s with wanting to save all these women? You seem to have a generous heart but they have to be able to take care of themselves first in order to be open to someone like you.

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    1. It’s not so much of wanting to save them. I appreciate art and all, and I really appreciate any girl that gets in front of my camera. I just wish that there was something more to it than just photos. None of us are making money.

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