Vacation and No Wacking Off

I’ve been emotional today. I’m flying out to Hawaii tomorrow. For a long time, today, I was a tad bit upset about it because I don’t want to get pulled out of the fight–the fight to get the things that I want out of life. And I also felt guilty, like I don’t deserve the house and the car that will be provided for me by my friend there. But as time went on today, those thoughts started to lessen.

I’m excited about flying to Hawaii, now. I should be. I will make this trip a yearly or every other year thing.

Whatever else I was going to write about, I forgot.

Oh, now I remember. Suddenly I feel the need to not wake off anymore. I do believe in sexual energy. And preserving it may make me more creative. That’s what I heard at least. I really do believe that. It has been about a week or two since I’ve had the strong will to do it. We’ll see how it turns out for me. I heard that something beautiful may even show up in my eyes, if you know what I mean. It may make me more attractive and it may make me a better photographer. I am very interested in this for health reasons. So I am going to watch this video again.



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