Michelle And Bisexuality

I don’t know what’s up with this lady. It seems as though she only wants a texting buddy because that’s all she is willing to do. I don’t like texting and talking on the phone that much. I would rather meet up and do things together. I would rather maximize the opportunity to give you warm and strong eye contact.

Every time I say let’s get together(it’s been two times so far). She can never make it. So she’s not interested. She was only interested in me that night, I guess. I never saved her number anyways. But, at this point, she is outside of my concerns.

In the meanwhile, there is Michelle. I can tell she is still slightly interested, still. But I can never be right about these things. I saw her last night. It looked like she had partied hard. She didn’t see me. I was going to walk up and say something, but, at the time. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was her. It was the end of the night, and I was leaving. I waited until I got home and I sent her a facebook message while I was having dinner.

Were you at such and such club?

She laughed and sent a message saying that she was, and she chatted. She asked me where I was at the moment. I told her I was home. Then she sent a very sexual/sexy video of herself dancing to house music in her pajamas. I loved the music and the video. What a gift ! 😀

OK, I just watched it again. I’m going to watch it on days when I feel down and stuff.

We talked about hanging out before she moves back to Germany. We will definitely do that. She’s very reliable.

So now…there is the bisexuality part. I love women. Everyone who knows me knows that. But there is also party photography, and with that, I can’t really discriminate. I feel like I can’t discriminate. I act sexual with everyone rather they are men or women, gay men, I mean. I let them get close to me and touch my ass. If one of them went for a kiss then I may let them go for it. No wonder some girls think I’m gay.  I did something like this when I was with Michelle was. I could tell she was surprised. I only danced with a high gay guy for a second when he reached out for me. A girl reached out to me too that night and I danced with her as well, so Michelle may be confused. But that’s only when I am working parties. In my day to day life, I don’t want a boyfriend. The best party photographer I know wrote that I should do such a thing. I was already like that before I read his book, so he only confirmed that I was on the right path, perhaps.

Does that make me bisexual? I really don’t think so.

Having said that, I plan on doing a photoshoot with a transexual –a nude photoshoot–a sexual photoshoot.

Does that make me bisexual? I really don’t think so.

The End



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