I Meet People

I love going out. I love meeting people. There is something different to everyone. At one of the last parties I went to, there were so many people who gave me their card. I looked at the cards tonight. Half of them have Wikipedias about them. Does that mean that there are famous? Tonight I didn’t go out. I wanted to get some rest and clean my place and finish reading some books. I did all of that and watched a movie called …well, this movie:

I have Amazon Prime. They offer unpopular movies like this of some sort, but they are usually goof if you stick through them. I’m paying for it, so I might as well watch them. Besides, there is something to learn about every movie.

I have other things on my mind. The woman I met that night. What did I do wrong? Did I do anything wrong? I sent one text and she ignored it. She sent many, and I replied. Yeah…it’s only logical that I call or something. She will be useful to me wither way. I can use a romantic partner; I can also use someone to help me with my photos. All I said was that I was leaving next week for two weeks and that we should do something before I leave.  That’s sort of a vague way to ask someone out. No?….


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