Translate A Goodbye

Is it goodbye already? I texted her, today and she didn’t respond at all. Texting her again will make me look stupid.

Well, I’m leaving next week for about two weeks. Let’s do something before I go.

That’s all that my text said. Is that a weak way of asking to get together? Could that text be translated in the wrong way? What does my text mean? To me, it means, I am tired of and I don’t really like texting back and forth. I want to see you.

I want to see you before I go.

Is what I should have said. Because that’s all that I wanted to do. She had been texting me all week. I just wanted to get off the phone so that we can see each other physically, again.

Maybe she is testing me to see if I am going to send a million text to get her to respond. I suppose I can at least try calling once and invite her out to do something–dance or eat? Yeah…I’ll call at least once.

I see no reason on why she would just bail out all of a sudden. Either way, it would not bother me all that much if she did.



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