I Am Seduced

She is a blessing. She really is. A part of me though that she was just a tad bit crazy. That part may be true, but in a good way. Last night, I was afraid, at first. She started texting me at about 2:30 in the morning.

I just want you to win !

I loved what you wrote. Everyone opens up about something they feel, so don’t be embarrassed. You can say that it’s 80% of the reason why I opened up to you. I opened myself up to you in hopes that it can help you in some way. I want you to win in whatever direction your soul takes you.

That’s what she called me about, and that is what she text me about. We talked about my photos. She says she wants to help. It’s a blessing for me to get a message like that in the middle of the night.

I hope that we become a team. She’s the same woman that has been texting me since the party that night. I have finally figured out who it is. She’s older…much older than me, but still beautiful. She has huge breast, that may be fake. I think I said that in the last story. She is actually…a somebody–meaning that she used to be very famous. I saw old videos of her and my my my ! was she a star. She wasn’t a 10, exactly. She was more like a 15. Her younger self is the exact same lady I have been affirming about.

I like her, so far. She seems nice. I feel a little comfortable revealing to her my situation. I am not sure why. It has something to do with her being older that makes me comfortable. I am not sure what is to come between the two of us, but I really do hope that we become a team. In the meantime, my model made an instagram post about me, today…



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