A Couple

You were the best part of my night.

I’m glad that I was.

I honestly have no idea who I am texting, but we have been texting back and forth. I talked to so many women that night, and I got quite a few phone numbers. My shirt smells like woman perfume. And I have no idea who’s perfume it is. I can guess. There was one women, in particular. I specifically remember giving her my phone number. She handed me her phone so that I could type my number in. I did. She also left her purse with me. I got the feeling that it was intentional. It was the same way that another woman I met had did it a while ago. I was at a small seminar, and she nervously sat next to me and started talking to me and asking me questions. She then sat her purse next to me and told me that she was going to the bathroom and asked me to watch it. I didn’t know her at all, but she did that. I was surprised, but it made me happy.

So that woman left her purse with me. We talked and danced a bit throughout the night. At one point, I was talking to another girl, who’s number I may have also taken, and she came out of nowhere and said to me:

Oh, you know her! This is my friend ! Let’s all go here.

I followed the woman, per her request, but the girl she strategically pulled me away from did not follow. She looked distracted and agitated. I started to take notice that she didn’t know that girl at all. She just wanted to pull me away from her it seems.

She’s an older woman with huge breast that may be fake. She’s beautiful She looks like an older version of a girl that I had done a photoshoot with before. She was and still is my most favorite person to shoot with. If this woman and I were a couple, it would totally look like we were trying to relive the whole Madonna &  2pac thing that they had at that time.

That’s all I have to say about that 🙂



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