Her (Chapter 2)

So there is something going on. I’m not one to take Instagram likes the wrong way, but this one is obvious. She’s thinking about me. Well, I know she’s been watching because my website made it obvious to me, somehow. I wont go in to details about that. It’s nothing creepy or anything, it’s just that details are not necessary right now.

Today she checked out my Instagram page and liked about 10 photos. I’ve been thinking about her too. I’ve had no choice but to think about her because she was the best thing I could think of when I made my ideal woman (what I want from a woman) list, and I have been reading that list every morning when I wake up. I check out her Instagram and all to see what she has been up to from time to time.I see that she uses a really sexy photo that I took of her when we first met as her profile picture.

We can’t really be together, because she is married. I respect that. But if she advances on me, I’m not strong enough to resist. I’ve been writing about her here, briefly. Whenever I say, “I’ve been thinking about that Russian girl”, I’m always referring to her. Maybe she wants my attention because she wants to shoot again. That would be cool. I’ll just wait for her to ask.


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