Her (Girl 2)

I met her the last time I had shown up there. It was the first time I had put photos up at that bar. I was sitting down, and she was standing next to me. I could tell that she was slightly confused about something. I didn’t realize I was sitting in her boyfriends art area. Eventually, she said it in sort of a nervous voice:

Sorry, I’m going to sit here next to you, if you don’t mind.

At soon as she sat, we started talking. She started asking me about my photos so we talked about that. Somehow, that conversation lead to us talking about pornography. She told me that her boyfriend watches pornography, and she hates that he does. She says that she doesn’t feel he finds her beautiful enough if he feels he needs to watch that. I made no comments. I don’t watch pornography, myself. I wanted to tell her that, but I felt like I shouldn’t. We got along real well. I liked her and I thought she was pretty.

The second time, I saw her at the bar I didn’t say anything. It had been a while since that day we first met. I didn’t want to let it be known that I remembered her. I pretended like I forgot we ever met and talked. We said nothing to each other that day.

But this third time, I just talked to her out of nowhere. She asked if I remembered her from the last time we talked:

Oh yeah! Now I remember.

I said. We chatted for a bit. When my model left, she started following me around the bar. This time I got an erection just from talking to her. I can ignore my feelings, being that she’s been with her boyfriend for so long. I did the best I could, but I am sure she felt something. Women can feel. I just made sure not to stand around being with her all night. So at soon as we made it to her group of friends, I quietly disappeared.

She caught me at the end of the night and made sure to hug and say bye before I left.  I don’t think she’s interested in me. I’m sure she’s just a very friendly person. In the meantime, I just appreciate her beauty.




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