Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The weekend was quite a great one. I kept myself busy, I guess, and I went to two parties. I spent my days editing photos that I took of those parties.

Soooo….on Friday, I think I woke up meditated, exercised, and then I did my laundry and I took a cold shower. I think I took a nap after the shower. For some reason, all week, I have been deep sleeping for about 4 hours and then I wake up. I have lot of energy throughout the day, though.

Friday night, I went to a party. It wasn’t as many people there, as I expected. At this party, there is never a really huge crowd. Sometimes it is a huge crowd. I drank, but I was careful not to black out like I did at the last party. I took a lot of photos at this party. I was the main one taking photos. I ran into a pretty girl I knew. At first I ignored her for a bit because I was thinking negatively. I though maybe she didn’t want to talk to me. That’s how I always think. I have to convince myself, daily that I am not the enemy of the world…but who know? Maybe there are a high amount of people that don’t like me.

So ran into a pretty girl that I knew. I spoke to her, finally. She got really excited and wanted to do photos right away. We took a lot of photos. I have the very best photo that I have ever taken of a party. It’s a really nice photos of her face. We were just taking a lot of photos when she stopped and said:

I would get naked for you if we weren’t in front of all these people.

I told her to get naked anyways because no one would care. She never did, but we laughed and talked about it a bunch.

I would love to get naked for you in private

So, just because she said that, I was touched, and I want to use her for my next shoot. I had a strict view about the type of girl that I want to shoot next, and she’s not it. But I am willing to make an acceptance for her. If she really means what she said.

So, on Saturday I did the same thing pretty much. I woke up and I exercised and meditated. I then edited the photos. I took a nap and then I went to a wilder party.

The party was really great. I had fun drinking and taking photos. People gave me drugs. At one point, I wanted to take a photo of a girl, but she didn’t want one. She just wanted someone to talk to I suppose. She asked me if I had any drugs or anything to give her. I found some for her and she quickly did everything without me ! Then she grabbed me so that I was really close to her, and…based off how we started dancing all other each other and rubbing on each other, we were having sex on the dance floor pretty much, and for about half an hour. We were making a scene. People had eyes on us.

Hey ! I saw you on the dance floor with that girl and just rubbing everything–titties and all !

Said a guy who stopped me when I was walking around doing photos later after dancing with her. Another photographer took a photo of us, and I really want to see it. She was a really beautiful girl.

I talked to many other girls. There’s this really big tittied girl that I met at the bar a while back. She stayed in my mind because my other friend who works at the bar gave me a mean look when I was talking to her and I am not sure why. She gave me a mean stare for a long time. I was talking to that big tittied girl with my arms around her. Maybe my other friend felt like I was a creep for touching her? So when I saw the girl at the party, I told her that I remembered her for that reason. She said

I didn’t feel nothing wrong with you putting your arms around me.

There was a famous photographer at that party too. I ran into him about three times, so he knows me and we kind of hung out a bit, too. Overall. I was the funnest party I have ever been to in a while. I have a lot more to write about

Take Care !



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