Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today was an easy day. I’ve been a bit worried and downcast because I gained about 5 or 6 pounds since last week. If I’m not following a diet regimen this will always happen I guess. I just didn’t feel like going through that stuff this week. I didn’t want to go grocery shopping and I didn’t want to cook. The result is that I always eat crap junk food. So this Friday, I’m going to go grocery shopping again. I’m going to jog and exercise along the beach though. The only thing is that the weather channel says it may rain this Friday. I sure hope not. It’s supposed to be hot this time of year, anyways, but it’s quite cold. Where’s that sun!?

I’ve been studying photography a lot, lately. I’ve been walking around every day or at least three times a week to take photos of random things to try and execute the things I had just read about. There are a lot of interesting things that this book talks about. I think I have been to lazy to truly study photography, actually. Now, I’m really determined to get good, and I know I will get good. The same thing with the art of women. I have to get good with women.

A lot of guys, or at least my roommates. They seem to not like talking about women too much and I find that to be extremely weird. I don’t mean to be in anyone’s business, but I have that one roommate that doesn’t work and just stays in his room all day and every day. He rarely goes anywhere and his room is so small. He just watches TV, drinks, and smokes weed. I try not to judge. But I keep my distance from the guy. An inner part of me says “this guy is disgusting and he’s a loser.” I’m not judging, I guess, but that’s just what the inner part of me says. My other roommate is alright. He’s an artist and he keeps himself a little busy with that. None of them seem to be into women, though. Or they don’t meet a lot of women, for sure, so they have nothing to talk about.

I’m supposed to do a photoshoot with a girl on Friday near a museum that I frequent. We’ll see how it goes.

Take care !



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