Dear Journal,

How are you? Wow ! It’s May 1st already. I can’t believe it is. Time is flying. I’ve been doing OK, except that I’ve been having some ill thoughts. I’ll come right out and say it. I have been thinking of dealing drugs. I guess I’ll never do it since I’ve already incriminated myself here. I’m not sure why I have the thought. I guess I want more attention and fast money. If I do get involved in that stuff, that would be the me giving up on my true dreams, I think. I went to an underground party Friday night. At this particular place there are always a lot of drugs, drug dealers, and what not. So I made friends with a small time dealer and had a conversation with him about how and where he sells his stuff. I’m not into that. That’s like below small time. I’d be more into the big stuff.

But hey, let’s get off that topic, because I would rather just be a photographer. There is no danger in that. At that party Friday night, no one came really. I did get to talk with two beautiful blond girls. I should have asked one of them to do a photoshoot since she was telling me that she wanted to be more adventurous. At the time, I’m sure that I came up with the quick thought that she wasn’t younger and pretty enough. When I look back, I’m sure she was beautiful and we could have done a good shoot. I wanted to ask the prettier one to dance with me. We only met and had a small and fun conversation as I was coming out of the bathroom. I had fun that night anyways, though. I saw clearly where I went wrong in my conversation with one of the blonde girls. I did drugs, I drank a little, I danced. I became more familiar with one of my favorite bands.

Soooo….Saturday I went to my favorite dance club, again. I am always 100% guaranteed to meet a girl there. Narcissist alert: It’s amazing to know that I can just show up to one place and stand around and I always meet a girl. They just approach me. They first girl was this very cute blonde girl. She screamed and gave me a high 5 and tried to dance a bit. I didn’t want to seem too excited to meet her, so I played it off. She went back to her group of friends and I disappeared elsewhere because I didn’t want to be seen standing around alone for too long.

I danced and enjoyed myself. I met a girl in the guys bathroom and made her do a photo. It came out OK. I used a very old and small camera.

I always see this one white girl alone. She cute. I figured I might as well put all of my energy towards her for the moment and introduce myself. I ignored every girl. I kept trying to catch that girl when I saw her, but she was moving all over the place. She never stayed still. She met my first few wants. She was white, blonde, and had a pretty decent shape. We were both alone, so I figured we had that in common. I finally caught her and I asked her two questions.

Me: What’s your name?

Her: Holly. What’s your name?

Me: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

She said something that sounded healthy enough.

Her: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Me: Yogurt and rice crispies

Her: That’s a lot of sugar !

Me: no it’s not that much.

Me: OK well, it was nice to meet you. I’ll see you around..

I didn’t want to smother her all night. It worked out I guess. We found each other on the dance floor and danced for a second and then she asked me something.

Her: I have a question for you?

Me: What’s your question?

Her: Are you gay? (Again ! ! !)

Me: No, I’m straight.

Her: Well, I’m gay.

Me: Well, I have few gay friends. I know of this awesome lesbian party coming up.

We exchanged contact information and added each other on facebook. So we’re friends, now at least. She’s a beautiful girl. I respect her sexual preference, though. But I do find that lesbian girls will go for guys occasionally. I’m not expecting that, though. I can use a friend. Let’s see what comes of this.

After I met her, to Canadian guys asked me if I had Molly for sale. People are always asking me for drugs.

While I was talking to them, another pretty girl came up to me and told me that I should be dancing to this awesome song. We started dancing together for the rest of the night. Our fingers were intertwined and all. The club kicked us out, and I never asked her for her contact information. I’m not sure if she wanted to pass it. I was just glad we danced, and that was good enough.

Take care !



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