I like you.
(We chat for a bit more)
See ! I really like you.
(then we chatted about more things.

She was absolutely beautiful. She was more beautiful and more in shape than that Russian girl I met a while back who said the same things above in the exact same way. I guess I missed that boat; and since nothing significant happened on the night that I recently met this girl, I will choose to miss this boat too. A big bottom line is that I’m not ready for a girl right now. I will be defeated, easily. I’m still the nice guy, you know. I’m working on being more honest. That’s why when she asked me if I smoked, I said it with a big and proud independent “No.” A nice guy would lie, just so he could be on the same plane with her or something like that, you know. We added each other on instagram. I sort of want to do a photoshoot with her since she is so beautiful.

She likes to be naked. She has big and beautiful full and pink lips. She has sparkling blue eyes. And though her hair was black that night, I notice from looking at her past history on instagram that she is a natural blond. Wow ! A sparkling blue eyed, beautiful lipped natural blonde. That’s exactly what I have been envisioning. Should I send her a message? Nah…I’m not ready. I’m sure I will see her again anyways. In the mean while, I’ll just keep on working on myself.

I have a lot of girls to write about, actually. But I haven’t the time at the moment. I need to read this book.

Take care !


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