Dear Journal,

How are you feeling?As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I did everything as planned. I did a lot, actually. I was busy all day. My place was a mess. I just had to clean it up. After that I cooked my meals. I cooked shrimp curry, and I’m going to have it for four days in a row.

I edited a few of that girl’s photos after I meditated at soon as I woke up. The photos are OK. They are not the kind that I normally do. She took control and asked for the type of photos she wanted. I think she will like them, though.

I’m on my second reading of this dating book. I seem to be reading it a lot faster on this second time around.

Nothing else to write about at this point. I just did this because I wanted to practice typing and I wanted to post some snapshots.


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