Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. My weekend has gone by really well. I made the most out of the 20 dollars I had in my pocket. On Friday, I edited a few photos that I felt like I should have edited a long time ago. I caught up with them. I did it right after work and then I went hiking to a new area. It was a trial that I had been on before to do a photoshoot with someone on, but not one that I had actually hiked before. I did the hike and it was beautiful. I suppose that the trial may be kind of short. I made it to the point where I couldn’t hike anymore. It was at the very top of a hill overlooking the entire city, which is pretty cool.

The hike may have been about 9 or 10 miles. I stopped at a beautiful and secluded place and had a beer. I wanted to give up and turn around at that point but I kept going because I was curious and I wanted it to be sort of a series hike. I did it !

After the hike, I came home and slept. I woke back up and got dressed to go out. I didn’t really go out. I bar hopped for a while just to see what some places that I have never been to are like. There are a lot of cool bars out there. I walked a tourist area for a bit and then I went home.

The following day, I exercised. I’ve been running a lot lately. I love running. It feels good. I’m going to start running the hiking trials I frequent. I’m going to start with a small one this Friday. If I do that one, then the other trials should be easy to run. After exercising, I think I showered up and went out. I went to the popular tourist spot again. I will be going there, often for a while. I went to get a healthy meal from Trader Joe’s. I bought that and a beer. I went to this place, after that I just knew was going to be fun, guaranteed. They play indie pop. I love every song they play there. The place is always just over filled with beautiful white girls. I was the first one to make it to the club, which felt odd. I had a beer and just sat there. It became crowded so quickly.

I knew that the best place to be was on the dance floor. I always meet girls there. So that’s where I headed to just a bit after I had my beer. I could tell some girls wanted me to talk to them–these two Asian girls next to me at the time did, but I didn’t go for it. I moved to a different spot. After about an hour, I came back to that spot. I stood there dancing for a while, and some gay guy started flirting with me. I quickly just grabbed a girl that I had been eyeing for a bit since she came and started dancing next to me. She was totally open to me grabbing her and putting my arms around her. We pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend for a bit. She was a beautiful girl. I’m not sure what made me disappear into the crowd after talking with her for a bit. I didn’t ask for her number or anything. I avoided her.

I think it’s because I have been reading this dating book, and I told myself that I would not approach girls or date anyone until I have read it at least ten time. I read it one time, so far. It took me a week.

I did a photoshoot with a girl, today. She’s one of my friends. I was insecure and not confident because now she knows that I don’t have a car, I guess. She didn’t seem to care and was still nice to me, but it still bothered me. And I am not sure if we really connected. We didn’t talk a lot, and I didn’t tell a lot of jokes. I was mostly polite, quiet, and shy acting. She brought her brother along. Did that have something to do with us not connecting? Maybe we did connect. She is not someone that I would normally photoshoot, so I thought. She’s cute, and she put this idea in my head.

Her(smiling): About the naked photos…

Me(interrupting her): Oh…ummm.. those ! Yeah, with those girls, it just happens ! I said this with shyness and guilt, which was a stupid thing to do. I shouldn’t be ashamed of what anyone says about me photographing girls naked.

Her(smiling): Yeah, but I know you normally do that. We can do naked photos if you want, but just don’t share them with anyone.

Then we got off topic. Then I just kept thinking of doing naked photos with her. I should have said “Yeah ! Let’s do naked photos. !” I let it go and kept on with my awkward shyness the whole time we were together. We ate at her house. I got ready to leave and she gave me this strong eye contact, smiling. I hugged her goodbye and she gave me strong eye contact again, smiling. I went home and slept.

Now I want to see her naked. She had changed over to shorts and a tank top. I can tell she has a big booty. I can tell that she’s a little wilder than I thought. This is my first time that I have had personal time with her outside of an event. I shot what she wanted me to shoot this time. Now I want to shoot what I want to shoot with her. I want those nude photos. She planted the idea, you know?


Take care !


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