Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I’m trying to get out of my routines here. Instead of waking up, exercising and studying like I normally would. I decided to just wake up, meditate, and then go to happy hour somewhere and just be out and about. I walked a popular tourist spot near my home. I finally decided to stop at this one bar that I have walked by more than a few times in the past. It’s a nice place. Every other place that I thought of going in was totally empty. I couldn’t believe it. I have never done a happy hour, but I’ve heard the term so many times, I just imagined that places would be mildly crowed with people trying to get good food and drink deals.

No place was crowded. In fact, the place that I originally targeted was totally empty. I would have been the only one there, and it’s a popular bar, I would guess, based off the yelp reviews. I walked in; I saw that it was totally empty; I walked right back out to search for a place. Walking the tourist spot was cool. I tried not to look like I was on the hunt, but I really wanted to make eye contact with potentials and smile at them. People barely made eye contact except for a few, but I didn’t smile right away. It’s not something I am used to doing. I just looked until they looked away. Those girls were really beautiful.

So I ended up stopping at that one bar. It was really nice, and it had a decent enough amount of people in it compared to surrounding bars. I had no idea how to hang out, though. I just ordered a beer, immediately, and I tipped immediately. The girl was surprised at my tip for some reason and she said thank you. I picked the right place. I just sat alone and drank. No girls were there for me to talk to. It was just about three other lone guys. The bartenders were cute. I said I picked the right place because those girls are all Russian. I heard them talking to each other in their language. I will be coming here again perhaps at a later time than I picked.

Take care !



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