Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. These past few days have gone by well. I have been really focused, pretty much more than I’ve ever been, and I have had a lot of energy. I’m starting to enjoy running, so I have been doing that a lot. I’ve been doing this tea diet plan as well. I drink Rose rogusa tea when I wake up in the morning. I drink black tea with my breakfast. I drink green tea with a snack; white tea with lunch; ginko biloba tea as a snack or medicine, depends on how you want to look at it. I drink another cup of black tea with another snack, and then I have red tea with dinner or generally before bed. I think that’s healthy for me.

Other than that, nothing else has been going on. I am really attracted to this girl that I see on my bus route back home, sometimes. She’s a little heavier. She has sparkling blue eyes and huge boobs. I have seen her three times so far. The first time I saw her, I just thought that she was very attractive; maybe because he like skin and her boob size. I didn’t say anything. I just noticed her. The second time I saw her, I thought, “OK. There she is again.” I was almost going to say something, but I didn’t. The third time I saw her was by coincidence. I was out jogging, and I saw her waiting at the bus stop to catch the bus back. I guess she was just getting off of work. I didn’t stop and say anything. I guess I was more into my jog. I looked back at her, and she saw that. The next time I see her, if ever, I really will say something. i sort of regret not stopping my jog to talk to her. She’s about the only girl I’m really attracted to right now. I can’t think of anyone else…except that Russian girl. Months have passed and she’s still on my brain.

Anyways, that’s all I’m going to write about.

Take Care !

“For a while, I kept texting the wrong Naydeen.”

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