Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The past few days have gone by well. I’ve been quite in my life, I suppose. I’ve just been to myself and focusing on all of these things that I’m into. I’ve really been sticking with them. My meditation sessions have been steady, and I see how it is helping me, now that I have been consistent. I feel way more calm; I can focus on things a little better. I think I have more confidence.

Confidence…good looks, abs, hobbies, a focus, yet still no girl in my life. I went to the beach this weekend, alone, but to do photos. I ate lunch that I packed for myself while I was at it. I still want to get better with women. I haven’t been approaching any lately. I haven’t been drunk lately either.

I talked with a girl via email and text this weekend. She is someone that I took that most extreme naked pics ever of ever. In all of all photos, she is wearing no clothes at all. Anyways, she emailed me saying that she lost her photos and was wondering if I could send them again. I sent them and asked her if she wants to shoot again. She seem excited and said “Yes.” So we will see what kind of photos we will do.

I’ve been studying some photography book and taking photos of the city this past two weeks. photos are everywhere. To sum it up, it’s all about the angles.

I didn’t go out Friday night. I stayed in and studied some coding stuff I didn’t get to study during the week. I went to two parties on Saturday night, but left them both because they were boring. I was a bit tipsy from a half a bottle of wine before I went to those parties. I caught myself almost going to approach some cute lady that I saw.

I woke up Sunday and worked out, studied, played chess, cooked for me, then got ready for work.

My main challenge at this point in my life is women. But I am sure things will work out.


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