Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me. I’m fine. These past few days have gone by well. I’M DOING THIS WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE KEYBOARD ! That’s another thing I can put on my resume. So, yeah, these past few days have been awesome. I don’t want to talk about what happened to me Thursday night. I had another dangerous blackout from drinking too much. Someone tucked me away somewhere nice and safe. I woke up and went home. I remember here a girl offering me water. I remember tasting water. I have no idea what happened after. I think I can’t drink the same way I used to because I lost a lot of weight. I have to drink lighter. I did watch my drinking at Saturday’s party.

On Friday, I went to a local a different bar. I didn’t feel like going out. But I had to go back to the other bar because I left my bank card. I went to get it, and since I was out, I decided to go and check out another bar I had been curious about. I’m a little tired of going to my normal bar.

This new bar that I found is amazing. The music is nice, and the women who hang out there are model beauty material. I went alone. I think I was afraid to talk to girls, maybe. So I told myself to just chill and observe things. I stood in one spot for about ten minutes. I saw a guy take a sniff of coke, and then I saw two girls surround him after that. They really wanted coke. Both of them were beautiful. The guy was cool as well. They were talking and dancing off and on. For some reason, when the guy was alone dancing, he turned around and looked at me and gave me a nod and a fist bump. He then asked me if I made music. I told him that I didn’t, but I’m a photographer.

He told me I should start hanging out with him and his crew. They have a music study. They are a record company, basically. He told me that I should come to their party the following day. We exchanged numbers.

The following day, he texted me the address for the party, and I came. It turned out to be one of the best parties I have been to in a while. There were a lot of wild and friendly and pretty girls there. I took a lot of photos. I drink a lot of the alcohol that was floating around. I met a really cute girl that says she wants to shoot with me. She has some very very full and beautiful lips. I hope we do our shoot.

So just like that, I stepped out the house that day and made a lot of new friends.

That’s all I will write about for now.

Take care !



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