Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. These past few days have gone by well. I have been taking it easy, I guess. I haven’t been going out. I haven’t went out all weekend. Nor have I tried to approach any girls. One girl came up to me day before, yesterday, though 🙂 I didn’t flirt back. I just answered her questions. She was cute. She wasn’t my type, I guess. These past few weeks, my mind has been totally occupied with finding more parties and models and things like that. I’ve been a bit downcast too, and I’m not sure why. I’m looking forward to going to Krav Maga class, today, though.

This Sunday, I went to a museum to check out photos, specifically. There were a bunch of photos by a famous photographer named Robert Mapplethorpe. His photos were pretty good. I have also been studying and doing photos, a lot, myself. I just read about this thing called Gestalt Perception in the chapter of a photography book that I am reading. I really like the idea and I want to have that more in my photos. I have been doing it already, I just didn’t know I was, but this time I want to improve on it and pursue it consciously.

I have the next girl that I want to shoot in mind. She a tall and beautiful red head. No one is more beautiful than this full lipped freckled face, tall, long haired, big booty, red headed girl that I used to shoot with all the time a few years ago. She was my muse and I didn’t even know it. She really liked shooting with me. I half appreciated her. She moved far away from me, but not to far. I thought of contacting her, but  think that would be a bit stressful or weird at this point. I’ll leave me seeing her again up to nature.

Other than that, I have nothing to write, really. I’ve been playing chess a lot and reading a chess strategy book. It’s amazing how to relates so much to life.

Take care !


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