Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I did community service, today. There was a beautiful girl there, I must admit. I didn’t start a conversation with her. I decided to wait on her to start one with me. She never did because she was talking with another friend she met there the little time I was there. I only stayed for a little over three hours.

On the way to doing community service, a beautiful girl came and sat right next to me on a nearly empty bus. I didn’t think she was after me. I just told myself to say something to see what comes out of it:

Me: Do you go to one of the dance schools around here?

Her: No?

Me: Do you model?

Her: No?

Me: Well, I can use a model.

Her: I’m sorry, I don’t do that.

Me: OK

and then I went back to my thoughts. Her stop came before mine. She looked to me and smiled and waved “bye.”

I just said anything. I wont criticize myself. Who knows what was to come out of it. I dug to see. I’ll do better next time. So next time, I’ll go for a date instead of a modeling session.

Other than that. Nothing much has been going on. I’m looking forward to Krav Maga class, tomorrow.



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