Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. This is sort of a pointless post. I just want to practice my newly learned skill. I guess I am still not so good at it yet. It’s really a useful skill to have. I just typed typing into a job search website, and a number of jobs only require typing as a skill. So I am only doing this post for typing practice.

I haven’t heard from my friend, Michelle in a while. I hadn’t bothered to contact her either. She hasn’t contacted me either. I guess she’ll just be another girl I say “hi” to at parties. I guess I did like her. I didn’t like her too much though.

My only concern has been parties and girls–where am I going to find my next model. How will we meet? What will our shoot be like? How can I find other parties?

Those kind of things.

I was studying wordpress, today so that I can tweak my website a bit. I see that it will be very useful for me to learn php. So I will start studying that. I’m sure it will be easy for me to learn. I study so many things: Martial arts, coding, photography, writing, typing, well, not so many things. I’m just lazy I guess.

I sort of wonder how today will go for me. I’m going to Krav Maga class tonight. I’m upset that I’m so low on cash, though I have nothing to spend it on. I have just enough to get drunk and stuff this weekend.

Well, that’s all I’m going to write for now. Practicing this is a little more difficult today than yesterday.


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