Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. My past few days have been OK. On Friday night, I really felt like staying home, but I made myself go out because I already paid for a party. I made it to the party pretty late, and I thought it was pretty boring. I would have been better off just staying home on Friday night. I went to a comedy show before going out, and that was really really funny. Every comedian there was funny. It was an awesome show. It’s in a Russian bar, and it happens every Friday.

I stopped by my normal bar. I had my big camera on me, but I didn’t take photos at all except for this one girl who asked me to take her and her friend’s picture. She is a cute girl. We connected on instagram. I sent her the photo I had taken of her, and I asked her for a photoshoot. I’m not sure if she replied, yet. I don’t have my phone on me.

On Saturday, I was supposed to do my community service, but I skipped out and slept in. I was supposed to go to another party that night as well, but I slept in. I am kind of tired of going to the same parties and seeing the same people and listening to the same type of music. I am in the mood for something different. I would like to explore that, but I am sort of low on cash until payday.

Today, I forced myself to stop being lazy, and I exercised. I’ve been talking to this very beautiful black girl about doing a photoshoot, together. I hope she doesn’t flake. She seems nice, and she has very huge boobs.

A girl had talked to me on my instagram. We were good friends until she deleted me off of her facebook. I sent her a message asking “why?” and then she blocked me. We used to talk a lot and snuggle and hug when we saw each other. And we talked about her dream to be a DJ. I used to encourage her. She added me back on her new instagram account which is all about being a DJ, now. She started Djing. I guess she blocked everyone out so that she could focus on things. She asked me to come to one of her parties. I guess I’ll see her soon.

Other than that, I read a photography book and took a few photos, today. (down bellow)

Take care !

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