Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The past few days have gone by well. I had fun at the music festival, though I didn’t listen to myself on bringing my digital camera. I brought a really old digital camera with me, instead. It is a point and shoot. They didn’t question the camera at all. I walked around taking pictures and dancing until the camera batteries ran out. I wished I would have brought my real camera. I will definitely make a good story next year. I talked to beautiful girls there. I asked them to take their sunglasses off so that I can see their eyes, and all.


was a common reaction I got.

While there, I ran into a few people I knew. One is this girl that I never really wanted to become friends with to begin with. You know, the one I told yo about before, who has horrid looks and breathe and who totally lost any interest I may have had in her when she started spreading rumors about her her friend having gonorrhea? Well, I did notice that she had me blocked on facebook a while back. I already knew why. It’s because I ran into her friend at another party and we started talking:

Me: So how is Desere? Have you too been hanging out, lately?

Her: No, we don’t hang out with each other any more. She’s been spreading rumors about me saying I gave someone gonorrhea

Me: Yeah…she told me that about you too.

and we just kept talking from then at the party at that time, and flirting with each other and giving hugs because she’s very hot  ! She’s a blonde girl with big sparkling blue eyes and huge natural breast. Yeah, so that’s her friend that. I met them two at the same time. So I figured that the girl must have confronted her and told her all the people who told her that she was spreading that rumor.

So when I saw, well, Deserve saw me first. I was getting my flirt on with this cute Asian girl when someone pats me. I turned around and looked and it was her.

“Hey, wassup !”

I said excitingly, because I was in a fun mood.

“You told Marry what I said. You’re awesome.”

She said, sadly and sarcastically, and then she walked off.

I just stood there for a second.(Shrugs) and then I went back to talking to the very cute Asian girl.

Yeah, so the festival was fun even though I didn’t do as many photos.

Nothing else interesting has happened since.

Take Care !



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