Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. These past few days have gone by well. I’ve just been thinking a lot and am a little nervous about going to photograph this festival without permission. What should I do? I know that I can get away with things if I only brought my film camera. I have a small old one that does a better job than my digital. If I took my digital camera I risk being denied entry with it and I would have nowhere to put it because I will be on foot. I’ve never been to a music festival before, so I don’t know what to do. How strict are they? A part of me feels like they will not question my digital camera. Should I flip a coin? Head’s I risk bringing it, tails I don’t and just bring the film camera. Wow ! I got heads, twice. OK…so I bring it and see what happens. Shit that’s hard. But, hey, it’s decided. If I don’t get to photograph nothing at all, I will be OK. Besides, there are after parties and bars there that I’m sure I will be able to photograph. I’m sure I will be OK overall. No risk, no rewards, right.

Yeah, so these past few days have gone by well. My music taste has been a little different, but I really like this guy’s song and I have been listening to this kind of music all week !

Girl wise, I haven’t been talking to any. That model finally posted about me on her instagram and her modeling page. Based off the number of views I see I got of her photos, she must have posted on her facebook. Or the views are because of my post.

About a week or two ago, I messaged two old dates. Haha ! One responded, “Yeah, sure you are, ” to an apology I made. I didn’t respond because I don’t really care to see her again. I only messaged her because I was tipsy off of wine. The other girl is someone that I actually do want to see, again. But I know it’s over. She never responded. I messaged a model I used to shoot with, a lot who started ignoring me all of a sudden. I sort of want to see her, again. I think I want to be a friend. She used to be very attractive. I don’t judge her, but her heroin use has eaten away at her looks. I generally just want to see how she is doing. We clicked when we first met. I’m almost not sure what happened. I used to visit her, often.

I haven’t text Michelle at all. She hasn’t text me either except for a facebook invite to a future party she wants to go to.

I am going to a party, tonight and am hanging photos there. I will be hanging old prints because I don’t want to spend money on doing new ones. I want to save as much as I can for whatever might happen at this festival. The prints will all be polaroids.

Saturday, I am heading up to the festival by train. IT should be an exciting time. I will be there for two days. Wish me luck.

Take care !



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