Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I had a cold for one day. I took care of it by sleeping some extra hours. I had a good days sleep except for when I woke up and heard my neighbor’s very very irritating small dogs barking constantly for no reason. I hate small dogs. I hate looking at them. I love big dogs. Yeah, so I was waking up off and on and had to hear them. I played music on my computer to drown out their sound. I woke up to a nice freestyle by a rap group called “Mobb Deep.”

At soon as I woke up I had breakfast, skipped meditation, and I cleaned my place. It was a mess, and I am glad that I cleaned it. After that I did a little it of grocery shopping and I cooked my lunch and dinner.

I sort of took a break form everything this whole week–no Krav Maga, no exercise, no meditating, really. I guess we need breaks from time to time. But I feel like getting back to it, so, after work here, I will stop by the park and do pull ups before I go to bed, and I will meditate before I go to bed as well.

I don’t think I’m going out, tonight. I spent a lot on amazon buying camera gear, really, and I want to save what I have left for the festival that I am going to next weekend. I already bought the ticket. I don’t know what I will do at the festival and how much money I need. I want to get started photographing big festivals. I think they will deny my camera. Hopefully they will not. I have to try so that I can learn how, if you know what I mean. I’m just going to keep trying festivals.

Today, I will just exercise and go to this beach area and do photos and talk to 5 girls.

I wonder how people feel after they photoshoot with me. Normall I get feed back of some sort:

Thank you ! The pics look awesome.


Thank you for the photos !

This last girl said nothing, and she’s not even posting the photos up anywhere. The girl that I shot one girl before her acted the same way. I never asked them why. It’s just a question I have in my head. Maybe they didn’t like they’re photos?

Anyways. Take Care !



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