Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. I got some rest, I guess. I didn’t exercise, again though. I woke up, meditated, and spent the whole day editing those photos. Then, I cooked my lunch and dinner and went to work. I thought I would have time to edit the photos and clean my place, but I really didn’t. The edits took that long. I did take an hour nap, though.

I did do something unique, today, sort of. Well, while editing photos, I decided to have some music playing in the background of course. I was just playing music off of youtube. I noticed a pick up artist’s video title; this one:

So I decided to be a bit more persistent with that blonde girl I met on the train that day. I told myself to try his trick. It worked ! for a second the ball was in more court, I think, when she responded. “What happened?”

OK…what do I say, now? This is persistence. Don’t respond for another hour or two. OK(two hours later) screw it, be yourself, now.

This past day or two, I thought of how I just should have asked her to do a photoshoot, instead.

What if I just asked her now? Would that be creepy or weird?

Me: I can’t even talk about it anymore. I’ll tell you another time. Let’s do a photoshoot, tomorrow.

Her: Photoshoot? Where?

Me: Outside in such and such neighborhood. It’s a great looking area. I know of a cool spot there.

Me: Yeah, it’s a hobby of mine. Check my instagram, it’s such and such.

Her: (an hour later with no response)

Me: (an hour later) Yeah, we can meet at this coffee shop called “Café such and such.” Near there is a cool looking stairway that is painted like a piano. We can use that.

She never responded. I think I’m done with this girl for real this time–no pick up artist persistence tricks anymore.

Speaking of persistence, I also facebook messaged an ex date of mine just saying “Hi.” and wishing her a good new year. I don’t care if that is creepy or not. I thought of her. So I said “Hi.”

I do have one girl that I met in the bar this past Saturday that does want to get together and shoot. She messaged me on my instagram asking wear could she find the photos I took of her in the bar. I told her the website and then I said, “We should shoot sometime.”

She said, “That would be rad.” So I have to jump on that ASAP, and skip over my friend Nikki until next month. That girl is beautiful. I’m not sure where we will shoot. I do want to shoot outside, though. Heck, I’ll take her to that stairway. I just looked at her photo on the site, again. Wow ! She really is gorgeous.

Memo keeps commenting and liking on my post. Does that mean she misses me and will be back in the states soon?

Ok, enough about girls. I do have to hit the streets and start approaching, again. I’m still at only 21 girls. I think I will be less shy this time. Let’s see. I will do 5 this week. THreee of them will be for a date. 2 of them will be for a photoshoot. I’m going back to that same mall. Was it creepy of me to try and turn my attempted date with that blonde girl into a photoshoot? I really did want to photoshoot her.

Ok, enough about girls. I don’t think I will be going to Krav Maga class, tomorrow either. I really do need to clean my place. It is a nightmare. After I clean, I will apply for at least one photo job.

Take Care !



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