Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I barely got any sleep. I went home and slept for about two hours and then I went to rent the hotel room. I also stopped and bought two rolls of film.  I took about an hour nap and then I had to get ready for the girl.

Before I took my nap, I sent one last text to the blonde girl. It was pretty much a desperate attempt at this point. She didn’t reply to the text I sent the day before nor did she reply to the one I sent yesterday either. So I am rejected. It’s no biggie. Next time I won’t get my hopes up so fast and dive so deep into some movie romance fantasy sort of deal. Now I have to hit the pavement and approach a lot more girls. It’s the only way I’m going to get good, I suppose. I’m not sad. I guess I have to delete her number, now. She was beautiful though. I would have been better off just asking her to photoshoot.

So this girl came to the hotel. She was very nice. She wasn’t as pretty as I thought she would be. We had fun shooting. Hey look, I really do appreciate her coming, but I was aiming for prettier. I didn’t trip and I did the shoot anyways. On top of that. I’m not going to do a photoshoot with someone who’s over 25 or something anymore. I like young, fresh beauty.

But this girl was nice. Her look was OK enough. I wonder how my final edits will come out. I didn’t even make her do nudes. She did get naked to do some implied ones, though. I wasn’t really feeling the nudes, this time.

We shot for two hours and then she left. It was a smooth shoot. After that I went to eat some Japanese food. I went back to sleep in the hotel and then I went to work.

That’s how my day went.

Take care !

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