Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well; and so have all the other days. I didn’t do much, really. On Friday, after I woke up, I think I just worked out–went running and practiced kicks in the park. After that, I came home and I read a lot of this book about meditation that I have been meaning to read and that I’m able to read now that I’m more serious about it. Other than that, I just laid in bed and watched a bit of “The Wire.” I got tired and fell asleep.

The following day was pretty much the same thing, except that I practiced photoshop a little more this time. I edited this really beautiful girl’s photos that I had shot with about two months ago. I am going to use about three prints from that series and hang it up at a show my friend asked me to do at a party she’s throwing. I didn’t like the edits after I got done with them. But when I woke up yesterday morning, I looked at them, and I absolutely loved them ! I wish I had a copy here with me, but I’m not home. Maybe, I’ll download an old unedited film one that I have in a cloud drive and post it here 🙂

Other than that, I ran and practiced kicks again, and I laid down and watched “The Wire”, and I decided to get drunk and go out. I’m on the last season of that show, and I promise I will not watch it, again !

Going out last night was OK. Or maybe it was punishment for not going to Kim’s party. The party I went to was just OK. There were not so many beautiful girls, there. The only good thing is that I ran into this girl named Michelle again. The first time I met her, I was walking into a room and she grabbed me out of nowhere and made me dance with her for a long time. She was drunk and really enjoying herself. I loved dancing with her. I started to like her when I looked back through the photos I took of her, too. That was months ago. I wanted to meet her, again. I never got her number that day. She showed up Saturday night, sober.

I was going to tell her that I remembered her and such. I almost blurted it out when she came near me, but I stopped myself. She caught it:

Yeah ! I know you from somewhere. I remember you from somewhere.

She said, as she was looking at me trying to remember. I didn’t expect her to remember me. I pretended not to know her from somewhere, and I asked her her name just to see if she gave me a fake one last time. She said the same name. We danced a bit and then she left and went somewhere. For some reason, I wasn’t after phone numbers that night. There were a lot of pretty girls there that I ended up talking to. One added me on instagram, I should send her a DM asking to shoot. That’s kind of corny, I suppose, but I didn’t think about it until now.

One girl talked to me asking me my sign and such…I was half drunk and not really knowing what to say while keeping myself calm at least.I just stood there looking and listening and asking little questions back. I guess I should have just said, we should hang out sometime. Looking back at the one photo I took of her, I regret it because she’s pretty hot.

Yesterday, I made the decision to stop drinking so much on the weekends. Mainly because I dropped another camera and I broke it. I’m really starting to be ashamed of myself. So I will just have a beer or two and be good. No bottles of vodka or anything anymore.

Last night, while exercising and stuff in the playground, some Korean guy came up and talked to me. He told me that he owns a Taekwondo dojo and that it is the best kicking martial art in the world. He was almost saying I should just quit what I’m practicing and quit whatever school I am going to and come practice Taekwondo at his school instead. I listened politely. I found it to be kind of off and rude, though. Apparently, he’s been watching me a while. He talked about other days he’s seen me working out in the park? Nothing came out of the conversation, really. I’m not just going to drop my school and go to his. Is this guy going to be a problem? He seems like he wants to test me a bit. Is this going to turn into some “Fight Club” sort of deal?

Also, I sent a text to that blond girl last night asking to do something tonight. Her response:

Who is this?”

I’m so done. But I reminded her just to see if it would go anywhere. I can’t check if she responded back, yet because I left my phone at home.


Take care !





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