Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I woke up, had coffee, I meditated and watched my mail like a hawk. I ordered some special herbs, and they arrived. I feel good already. I really do believe in these herbs.

I studied photoshop for an hour and some minutes, and then I went running in the rain. It was drizzling, but I still got pretty wait. I exercised and practiced some Krav Maga kicks in the park, too. Exercising and stuff, in the ran, feels good.

I came home and I took a warm shower and prepped my lunch and dinner for work.

Oh, I woke up to an email from a girl that wants to shoot with me on Monday. She confirmed for the second time. I see she’s really looking forward to it. I know that this will be a great shoot. I didn’t respond to her, yet. I’m thinking of what to say. She seems excited about it, though.

I can tell my friend, Nikki, is waiting to shoot as well. Come to think about it, she wanted to do the photoshoot on Valentines Day. That means she’s single. Hmmmm…. But , yeah. I can tell she’s waiting for me to try to meet up. I just get that feeling because she keeps commenting and liking my facebook post. I promise I will do a shoot with her. I am taking my sweet time, though, I suppose.

I thought of my friend DJ Whitney and about have I have never really been to any of her parties except one, and now I feel really bad. I’m sure she will be happy if I showed up so I really will. I have to check her schedule on her website.  I just downloaded to of her mixes from her soundcloud.

My friend DJ Kim is having her party this Saturday, so I will make sure I show up to that.

I sent an email to a girl on that website, again, no response from anyone yet. I have to strategize or something.


Take Care !



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